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Get Started with Mcafee

Mcafee is state art product which detect latest malware, threates and errros in devices laptopm, desktop and mobile. In top most list of antivirus mcafee has made a best position for detection and security. while chossing best securoty software it has provided many options for customization which helped user to opt as per the affordability. There are multiple offers running to purchase mcafee which can be availed directly from

Steps to activate, download and install Mcafee

There are similar steps for both new and exiting user for mcafee installation with product key however it depends if you already have an account or you need to creat a new one, Steps will help you to activate mcafee subscription and install it using retail card or online method to enter mcafee activation code

  1. Go to
  2. Enter activation code, its your 25 digit product key printed back of your mcafee retail card
  3. 25 digit activation code look like : XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX
  4. Now login to mcafee account
  5. After successfull login your activation of mcafee subscription is done and you have registered purchased mcafee ativirus product
  6. Now click on download software
  7. After downloading, click on downloaded file on your device, it can be laptop, mobile or desktop
  8. it will ask you to confirm for installation, click to confirm
  9. Check on terms and condition
  10. file will start installation, it will take a while to get the complete installation
  11. As it may be old software file which has been downloaded, you may be prompted to update the patchs, click on update
  12. Now it will ask again a mcafee product key, enter 25 digit code
  13. Now your installation is completed
  14. Click on option to scan you device
  15. It will take some time to scan all folders and file and provide you detected threates and virus
  16. Click on clean threates
  17. You device is completely protected

Support for Mcafee activation

There is a possiblity that while activation and installation process you may get an error

There may be many reason for same error which could not be resolved by non technical person as it required device tunning and debugging, Get mcafee support to complete your activation and installation process on chat or on call